The Open Danube Award 2019

The Open Danube Award was established to acknowledge the many small but important civil society projects that foster the integration of Roma communities in the Danube Region by using the means of culture. This year, we received more than 50 project applications and the jury had to take difficult decisions to select five out of many outstanding projects for the Open Danube Award 2019. The following five projects in the different categories:

The Open Danube Award

Supporting Roma Culture in the Danube Region

The Open Danube Prize is awarded to projects that render exceptional contributions to the benefit of the Roma culture in the Danube Region. The award is directed to projects and initiatives that foster the equal participation of Roma in society, aims at the empowerment of Roma communities, encourages people to work for equality and respect between cultures, supports ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity, contests social exclusion and aims at a better access to education and jobs.

The application period of the Open Danube Award is over. The winning projects of the Open Danube Award will be presented on September 20th, 2019 within the framework of the ROMNO POWER FESTIVAL that takes place in Ulm, Germany. For more information on the festival and respective locations please see the festival brochure on

Awarded Projects 2019
Project Executing Organisation
European Danube Academy
European Danube Academy
Project Partner
Council of Danube Cities and Regions
Council of Danube Cities and Regions
Project Funding
Council of Danube Cities and Regions
Ministry of State