“Capturing Diversity” of the Shoqata Kombetare Edukim per Jeten – SHKEJ

Albania, Bregu Lumit

Category: Photography

The organisation:

SHKEJ, founded in 2003 by a group of young people, inspired to be near to people in need, operates as an Albanian Non Profit Association in the field of promoting the Human Rights and the Social Integration of Human Beings in the spirit of the International Conventions and National Legislation. In achieving its Vision that every human being is well prepared to face the challenges of life and is able to find the balance in everything he does, it takes actions toward the vulnerable groups of society promoting their rights, facilitating the social integration and taking part in shaping their future, by offering vary services, building capacities and developing educational community based activities and advocating ones. Beneficiaries of the SHKEJ Projects are: street children, children that never attended the school, children that had drop out the school or at risk to drop out, children and youngsters coming from families with deep social and economic problems, women living in suburbs of Tirana and in rural areas of Albania, families of Roma and Egyptian minorities and those living in social-economic difficulties. SHKEJ is part of several local, national and regional coalitions and networks from years and on.

About the project:

Today, one of the biggest challenges for young people is to be employed and feeling useful for themselves, their families and for the society. Thus, young people are creative with full of ideas, dreams and possibilities, nevertheless they don’t believe in themselves, don’t find the appropriate ways to express their talents and don’t find enough courage in themselves to put their dreams into practice. This overview fits even more to the young people coming from marginalized communities such as those living in Bregu Lumit area in Tirana, Albania. The main difficulties these youngsters face are: low family incomes and poor living conditions, a culture of unemployment and occasional informal unqualified work, low access to social services, overall low levels of education. Through their growth they were often pushed by their parents to beg or work in the streets. Most of them have a history of school drop outs leading them to poor level of education and to poor professional future. Traditionally different forms of art have always been part of their life, but never considered as a proper tool to create professional opportunities.

The vision of “Capturing diversity” is that young people will be trained to shoot film photography: each of them will have 10 days to shoot 27 photos of their daily life on disposable film cameras. After collecting the cameras and developing the pictures, a jury will select the bests for a photo exhibition to take place in Tirana. Target group is seven young people aged 16 to 20 who do not work and do not benefit from social services in the territory, also discriminated because of Roma ethnicity and Egyptian ethnicity. The target group will be involved in the planning phase, implementation and monitoring process.

The proposed initiative aims to empower young people to become self-confident, who know and share their values, talents and are able to benefit from those as responsible members of their society. Doing so the youth will express themselves in authentic pictures, promoting their culture, reaching out to non-Roma Communities and help for better understanding and reducing prejudices. We believe that this concept will create a point of contact between communities, and provide a mutual recognition opportunity, which is also the first step to curb prejudices and stereotypes, doing so fulfilling one main goal of our mission.

Person in charge: Albert Lala

More information:

Website: https://www.shkej.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shkej.org/