“Fairy tales day” of the Civic organisation Ďakujem – PALIKERAV

Slovakia, Varhaňovce

Category: Theatre and Literature

The organisation:

It was meant to be a local NGO established 2014, only in small village in eastern Slovakia Varhaňovce, near Prešov, but gradually expanded, basically to the whole of Eastern and Central Slovakia. It has helped socially disadvantaged people; today we are focused on education of young people from socially disadvantaged environments.

The Book Club PAĽIKERAV is our latest project and it is about our young Roma students and about their feelings of the books they read, that they like to share with you. We are trying to point out, that Roma are not only dancers and singers, but also are good at the other activities. And believe or not, reading books is an activity that makes these young people happy.

Roma problems are common in the most countries, we want our idea to not serve just our NGO, but to be used also abroad to help Roma kids in different countries and we think that Open Danube is good way how to promote this idea.

The organisation won the 2nd place of the “SozialMarie” Prize for social innovation 2018 and the 1st place of the „Roma Spirit 2017” Prize.

About the project:

Volunteers from our NGO will challenge famous non-Roma persons such as music bands, singers, actors, politicians, comedians, kids entertainers, not just from our region, but from the whole Slovakia, to read a book and to compete against our volunteers to see who is better in reading a book, who can deliver better experiences for Roma kids in elementary school. Kids will be our judges and they will decide who wins the challenge. If our volunteer wins, the famous person will have to buy books for the school library. The famous people will be also asked to tell the kids their story, how they grew up and how they became famous, obstacles and achievements in their life and answer question of Roma kids. The second phase of our project will be that Roma famous persons will do the same for non-Roma majority kids in their elementary school.

To be born in Roma family means that you have to fight every day, all your live with prejudices against you from the majority of the people in Slovakia. Roma kids in elementary school do not have dreams. We asked what do you want to be when you will grow up? Most of the answers were “I do not know”. That is why we want to show them famous people from Slovakia, so they can motivate them, to tell them that it is possible to achieve everything what they want, they just need to work hard for it and not give up. It’s just a small idea but, you cannot count the impact, it’s infinite.

Person in charge: Renáta Pankievičová

More information:

Website: http://www.kniznyklubpalikerav.sk/en/home

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/kniznyklubpalikerav/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ozdakujempalikerav/