European Danube Academy

Since 2008, the European Danube Academy (EDA) has been working to strengthen cooperation in science, education, culture, politics, and media in the Danube Region. With its network and projects the EDA contributes to mutual cultural exchange and to the integration process in the South-Eastern European countries. Since then, the EDA has also become one of the major platforms for the presentation of ideas, opinions and views from all over the Danube region. With its manifold projects and publications, it is actively contributing to the success of the EU-Strategy for the Danube Region by fostering exchange, science and education.

In recent years, the EDA has initiated the following programs:

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Funding Partners

Baden-Württemberg State-Ministry

State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg is funding partner of the Roma-Inclusion Umbrella Project DUNA ROMANI LUMA, that was initiated by the European Danube Academy in 2015. The OpenDanube Project is part of the DUNA ROMANI LUMA umbrella.

Associated Partners

Verband Deutscher Sinti und Roma, Landesverband Baden-Württemberg

The Assosiation of German Sinti and Roma, State Assosiation of Baden-Württemberg has its origin in the civil rights work of the German Sinti and Roma who constantly emphasized their isolation and discrimination during the 1970s. The charitable organization was founded in 1986. The foundation wants to highlight in particular the aspects of empowerment, education, and equality. As a consulting office for civil rights the foundation equally is a dialogue partner for the society of the minority and for the public institutions of the majority.