“LIGHTROM – Make the light shine in the right direction”
of the Roma academic club/Romsi akademski klub

Slovenia, Murska Sobota

Category: Visual Arts

The organisation:

Our team consists of educated Roma people such as students and individuals with an academic education. We mainly focus on the education of the Roma youth because we believe it is one of the strongest bases to decrease discrimination and break stereotypes. For the 11th year in a row we organize a festival called Romano Čhon, where we lecture at different schools and faculties about the Roma culture and the education in the Roma community. We also organize summer camps, creative workshops, give teaching assistance, have exhibitions etc. Through projects we motivate and encourage the Roma youth to finish high school and continue their university education since we serve as great role models with inspiring stories and challenging paths.

About the project:

The project has two meanings: literal and metaphorical. With the project LIGHTROM we want to address the issue of Roma people lacking the help from the government and other institutions. Still a lot of the Roma families live without electricity, water supply, in poor living conditions and with bad healthcare system. They are put in the shadow, being forgotten or not taken seriously.

We want to create the support for the light to be seen and shine in the right directions. We want the light to light up the shadows some of the Roma families still live in.

Our vision is to create chandeliers and night table lamps inspired by the Roma culture. We will consider the creativity from children and the youth and support the handwork skills of Roma. We want to design some modern and unique art pieces with an outstanding aesthetic as well as a powerful message. We will merge materials in a way to amplify the importance of collaboration, embracing diversity and offering help. We want to adress the challenge of Roma people still not being heard, being mistreated and not taken seriously (especially by the government and municipalities) by using an innovative approach with a simple yet powerfull vision.

Person in charge: Marcel Baranja

More information:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/romski.akademskiklub