Sir Mr. Gusztav Varga
President and Founder of the famous Kalyi Jag Ensemble

The major strengths of the Kalyi Jag remain the outstanding vocal quality, the excellent arrangements, the special musical force, all are together considered the so called Kalyi Jag’s style. The Kalyi Jag’s performance is always followed by great success and satisfaction from both the organizers’ and the audience’s sides. Their concerts are always very professional and because of their personalities, their charismatic appearances, make it very entertaining as well.

Kalyi Jag’s Band of music is authentic and primeval engaging in merriment with tears, pressed by unbelievable energies, percolating down into one’s soul. The third decade in the life of the group is featured by a new album, which is going to be in the record shops soon. Mr. Gusztav Varga has revived a musical the Roma Legend, written and composed by him. First time this musical puts on show the unique history of the Gypsy people, their culture, myth and migration, with original music and spectacular dances.

Mirko Savić

He is a full professor at the Faculty of Economics in Subotica, at the Department for Business Informatics and Quantitative methods. He is also working at the University Center for Applied Statistics (University of Novi Sad), where he is teaching official statistics. From 2015 Mirko Savić is active member of CAQA (Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance), Serbian HERE team (Higher Education Reform Expert), and Statistics Council of Republic of Serbia.
He is also member of following professional associations: AIEL – Italian Association of Labor Economists, AEET – Spanish Association of Labor Economists, EURO – Association of European Operational Research Societies, EALE – European Association of Labor Economists, Statistical Society of Serbia, and Serbian Society of Economists. In his carrier he was engaged at the Faculty of Natural Sciences (University of Novi Sad, Department for Geography and Tourism), and at the Faculty for Public Administration (University “Ciryl and Method”, Trnava, Slovakia). He is author of two textbooks for statistics and over 70 scientific paper published in Serbia and abroad. The fields of professional interest are statistics, econometrics, multivariate analysis, demographics, labor market and higher education.

Aleksandar M. Gajić

He is a PhD student of History at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad. He is the founder and President of the Board of the Danube Area Research Center in Novi Sad. He deals with economic research through history and economic development of the Danube region. Also, Aleksandar studies migration as a sociological phenomenon throughout history, especially in the Danube region.

The “Danube Area Research Center” (DAReC) is a non-profit organization, established to achieve the objectives in the field of scientific research, inter-regional cooperation and education of young people from countries in the Danube region.

Delia Bosiok

She holds a master degree in Business psychology and is currently studying European studies at the University of Novi Sad.  She is actively involved in youth work and has experience in scientific research in the fields of marketing, motivation, social psychology and management. She is a project assistant at Biznisnova and her tasks include writing and assisting the implementation of projects, organizing events such as conferences, training courses and seminars. In addition, she has other relevant youth work and NGO experience, which she gained by working in the Danube Area Research Center as the Media team coordinator and during her internship at the Center for Career Development and Student Counselling at the University of Novi Sad.